Monday, August 22, 2011

Introduction & mission statement

Dear Reader,

Hafa adai from Guam!  As I write this first posting on my new blog SocialMacro, my mind is racing with ideas that I want to convey.  I have many thoughts to express, some of which may not yet have reached maturity.  Initially, I thought I would jump head-first into a blog that tries to explain certain economic fundamentals that are haunting our society.  I was going to discuss what is going wrong and what may be right in the economy of the United States.  I have firmly decided against my own instincts to jump into the fray and to, instead, try to relay information about my background.

I was born in Ashland, a small college town in southern Oregon.  Until I was around 10 or so, I lived in Oregon, but, since then, I have resided in Guam.  I graduated from the University of Guam with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Applied Economics at the University of North Dakota.  Throughout my life, I have traveled throughout Asia and have been exposed to different peoples with diverse life experiences and belief systems.

I am a member of the Democratic Party of Guam (card-carrying, if they would have gotten around to issuing it to me) and have a somewhat welfare liberal political philosophy.  Just in case you are curious, my favorite American historical political figure is Franklin D. Roosevelt and my favorite economist is Gunnar Myrdal.

My intention for this blog is to be able to express my own thoughts and analysis of economic theory, the reality of our current situation, while adding a dash of social and political insight, as appropriate.  My own values would cause me to focus most upon the big picture, but also about the economic problems which most profoundly affect ordinary workers' lives.

This first post is too ego-centric for my tastes and I will refrain from being too self-referential in the future, but since this is my introduction to you, I felt it best to get it out of the way.  Thank you very much for reading this blog and I hope that you would consider becoming a consistent follower of SocialMacro.

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