Monday, April 2, 2012

A weird presidential election

Not my normal thing to do, but I like this too much to avoid posting the link:  A Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney.

I'm not sure which part of the article I like best, but it might be where it says: 

"Complementarity. In much the same way that light is both a particle and a wave, Mitt Romney is both a moderate and a conservative, depending on the situation (Fig. 1). It is not that he is one or the other; it is not that he is one and then the other. He is both at the same time."

But then there's this gem:

"Noncausality. The Romney campaign often violates, and even reverses, the law of cause and effect. For example, ordinarily the cause of getting the most votes leads to the effect of being considered the most electable candidate. But in the case of Mitt Romney, the causeof being considered the most electable candidate actually produces the effect of getting the most votes."

It really does seem that Mr. Romney's candidacy has these features and all of the others listed in the article, with the possible exception of Duality (see the article).  What I find very interesting is the apparent belief that somehow Mitt Romney is electable, which made him the front-runner in the contest by Republicans to be the one soundly defeated by President Barack Obama.  But then there's the feeling that, after spouting garbage in the primary he can just walk away from it and become "moderate."  Bad politics!  If you eschew the very things you "won" your primary advocating, you will not gain the confidence of those who disagree with what you ran on and will lose the confidence of those who voted for your, believing you said what you meant and meant what you said.

This is going to be a very weird presidential election because it has a very weird presumed Republican Presidential candidate.

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