Sunday, November 4, 2012

Guam general election 2012

I have been thinking about what I could write as the election is just about to occur. I have my own constellation of values and policy orientations, my own view of the social sciences which would undergird my choice, my own tactics an strategies both for politics and for what policy should accomplish, but I fundamentally agree with the idea of the democratic republic, so I want everyone to do their best to make an informed choice.

I have read some voter choice pieces which advocate one thing or another, including a call for apathy for potential voters who do not want to be informed nor genuinely feel that they can make a good choice. My feeling is simple enough: people make mistakes, but nobody is better to decide whether a candidate is worthy of your support than you. That being said, it is more important that you consider your decision carefully. Perhaps to help bring some focus, I will pose a few open-ended questions that you can ask yourself about each candidate for the legislature:

What issues or problems do you believe must or should be addressed?
Which candidates are most concerned about issues that matter to you?
Which candidates do you believe can and will address these issues appropriately?
Which candidates, while not particularly focusing on these issues, do you believe would support these appropriate solutions?

I am reasonably certain I have decided for whom I will vote in the election. My perennial solution when I am genuinely undecided on a few positions is to cast a vote in tribute to Ricardo J. Bordallo. He said something in his first inaugural address that deeply resonates with me and, even though it is not particularly election-related, I shall recount (no pun intended) it here:

"This aimless drift is dangerous. We must make the process of future-building a conscious and rational act on our part. To do otherwise is to court disaster, not only for ourselves but also for our children."

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